Ryan during a press conference for Lars and the Real Girl

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Ryan Gosling at a gas station in Los Angeles, Ca, March 26.

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March 26, 2014 - Ryan Gosling at a gas station in LA

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"If you ride like lightning, you’re going to crash like thunder"

The Place Beyond the Pines dir. Derek Cianfrance

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The Canadian star claims he finds it weird that he’s considered a sex symbol and believes it’s only because he’s in the movies that people would even consider him attractive. “I’m as uncomfortable with it as I am talking about it,” the Metro reported him saying. “I know from just being a guy and looking at a billboard and you’re like: ‘That guy’s not a sex symbol. They’re trying to sell that on us? No way! That’s never gonna stick.’ And then suddenly he’s like a huge deal and you can’t believe it. I used to hate on those guys and now I am one.”

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"I was highly influenced by violence. When I was a kid I saw ‘Rambo: First Blood Part 2’ and the next day I took knives to school and threw them at everybody." 

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